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리그소개 대한민국 정보보안의 미래를 이끌어 갑니다.

Manage information protection contests in forms of leagues among high school information protection clubs

Conduct league type matches among information protection (specialized) high schools to learn information protection knowledge, and manage it throughout the year by constant research activity support to improve technology and competence

  • 01

    Share information and establish support system

    Induce information sharing and foster research culture through league management among information protection (specialized) high schools, and establish a form of close support such as mentoring from experts

  • 02

    Prepare the base for training talented national information security personnel

    Establish and conduct finding and training potential talented personnel through league management among clubs from each school. Suggest a new paradigm for training national information security experts through a win-win relationship

  • 03

    Inspire the awareness and importance of information protection

    Make it be recognized as a e-sports like culture through advertising the league to inspire the importance of information protection for the public and foster an information protection culture experience environment

  • 04

    Manage Guardians Community and enhance competence

    Manage leagues among clubs competing their technology and competence and promote enhancement of capabilities through self-initiated learning and fair competition along with group activities based on hobbies and interests